Raw Living Mountain Spring Water


The Truth About Drinking Water

Our water is not well water. The majority of "Spring Water" companies actually source their water from stagnant near surface aquifers. Our mature water is in constant offering and gushes out ice cold after completing it's natural cycle.

Our water is not filtered or reverse osmosis treated, which is devoid of all life and minerals. Drinking that water will actually strip minerals out of your body. Our water is not stored plastic or even metal. Even BPA Free bottles leach hormone im-balancing chemicals.

We're evolving out of eating processed and/or GMO foods, but have you ever thought about if your water is processes or GMO? When water is treated with ultra violet light it scrambles the genes of the microorganisms. These organisms are critical in controlling the average four pounds of bacteria in our bodies!

Treating water completely changes the structure and vibration of the water. It is comparable to pasteurized juice vs fresh squeezed, irradiated food vs organic food, homogenized vs raw milk. The closer things remain to their unadulterated form the better!

May we grow together in our realization of our highest truth and essence.

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